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We create awesome travel proposals and quotes

Streamline your travel sales process and increase your revenue with the #1 proposal & quoting platform for modern travel professionals.

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Upgrade your travel sales

Proposal and quoting platform from Travel2Fit allows individuals and teams to close more deals faster.

Save time

Automate repetitive tasks and optimize your workflow.

Get organized

Organize all your proposals in one place.

Boost direct sales

Improve customer conversion rates without commissions.

Be professional

Send proposals that look beautiful on any device.

Increase engagement

Build loyalty and inspire them at every level of their travel.

Strengthen your brand

Put your logo on the front and enhance your image.

Promote upselling

Explore new revenue opportunities.

Become efficient

Handle more requests and grow faster.


Awesome proposals and quotes

Whether you are an individual or an established travel and hospitality company, Travel2Fit will help you build travel proposals and quotes in minutes and manage them efficiently. They come up in the form of interactive web pages and are customized under your own brand. Share them easily via email, social media, or any other chat app you like and grow you direct sales right away!


Property & villa managers

Travel agents/advisors

Tour operators

Personalized Proposals

Deliver a personalized experience

Travel2Fit helps you provide unique travel proposals and quotes, tailored to your client’s needs and personality, thus, always exceeding expectations.

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Automatic Content Integration

Rich & inspiring destination content

Travel2Fit automatically ingests high quality up-to-date content into yours proposals and quotes, acting as a time-saving and error reduction tool.

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Actionable Business Intelligence

Analytics dashboard

Our analytics dashboard will help you transform data into tangible facts & insights.

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Simple CRM Functionality

Digitalize your processes

Handle your customers, accommodation, and services in an integrated environment. Benefit from the digital transformation and automate your sales management processes.

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Do you want to find out how Travel2Fit could benefit your travel business? Have your questions answered, explore Travel2Fit’s features and arrange a trial in a live, personalized demo session.

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Questions & Answers

Here is a short list for the most commonly asked questions. Feel free to contact us with your question if you cannot find it here.

Travel2Fit is a sales tool to quickly and accurately generate proposals and quotes. The solution empowers travel pros to streamline their sales cycle and deliver value from the beginning of the customer’s journey. Travel2Fit enables to build, manage, track, and share beautiful online travel proposals and quotes in minutes. For the traveler’s side, Travel2Fit’s proposals and quotes can serve as an e-booklet with rich and up-to-date destination content, contributing to his desire for almost real-time information.

Travel2Fit targets travel pros who send (or would like to send) proposals and quotes to their customers and want to differentiate with next-generation digital tools. More specifically, Travel2Fit already provides targeted solutions for hoteliers, property/villa owners and managers, travel agents, tour operators, as well as freelance travel consultants that specialize on tailor-made trips (leisure and corporate).

You can schedule a product demo to see if Travel2Fit matches your expectations. There is also a 30-day free trial to check if it is suitable for you and the needs of your travel company in practice.

Travel2Fit can be accessed either via our cloud platform (web UI), or via an API:

  • Cloud platform enables non-technical users to enter the platform providing their credentials.
  • Web API enables technical users to generate proposals and quotes automatically according to a predefined input (JSON document).

You can start using Travel2Fit instantly once you have your credentials since it is a cloud-based platform.

Yes! From the first subscription tier you can fully customize your logo, as well as the welcome (hero) image and video.

Travel2Fit has the capacity to integrate with many systems. If you would like us to investigate your current software program for a potential connection, please contact us to discuss in detail.

The Travel2Fit backend system is in English and Greek. However, proposals and quotes can be generated in various languages, including for example French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

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