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We assist digital travel transformation

Innovative Software

SaaS Platform

Friendly web platform to handle your proposals easily.

API Access

Send proposals and reservation confirmations automatically.

SaaS Platform

A complete software platform with all the features you want. A scalable cloud solution for travel companies of any size.


Configure the service according to your needs. Choose and pay exactly for the modules and features that you want.

No Extra Worries

Start using our platform instantly, without any installation or infrastructure management costs.

How we do it

Simplify your workflow and mange your travel business efficiently.



Initiate a new travel proposal by writing down in CRM templates the absolutely necessary travel information, i.e. trasnporation, accommodation, and/or activities & details.



With a press of a Button Travel2Fit build a beautiful digital travel proposal. Rich, inspiring and highly engaging destination content is automatically incorporated within it.



A trackable url is ready to be sent to your client allowing you to find out how prospects are interacting with your proposal.



Update the proposal according to the client’s feedback to close the deal. The proposal serves as a seamless communication point between you and your client.

Supported destinations

We regularly add data for new destinations and update existing ones.

API Access

Enrich your digital channels and add extra value to your client’s experience with a beautiful proposal or reservation confirmation document.

Easy and fast process

Grab final output of Travel2Fit SaaS and use it in your existing processes seamlessly.


All the information you need to make API calls and integrate tailor-made content into your system.

Let’s work together

Watch our explainer video or download our presentation for more details.

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