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We explore state-of-the-art technology and synergies to bring travel and hospitality industry to the next level

Committed to Tourism Innovation

Green Deal & Sustainability

Supporting SDGs 4,8,12 and 13 with focus on sustainable product development, awareness raising and community building.

Data Science

Enabling demand forecasting and personalization with machine learning and deep learning techniques.

Big Data

Investigating the full potential of structured and unstructured data lakes to disrupt travel in an unprecedented way.


Actionable insights, KPIs and data-driven findings that create business value and support decision making.

Research & Development

Travel2Fit pursues its participation in collaborative Research & Innovation Projects

EU-funded Programmes, Open Calls, Innovation Contests


Our Projects

We focus on implementing EU-funded projects to promote digital transformation, education, sustainability, and new technologies for travel and hospitality sector.

Let’s innovate together!

If you are interested in joining our partners network and explore collaborative opportunities together, give us your information and we will get in touch.
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