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Travel2Fit from expo to expo over November 2023!

Over the past month, Travel2Fit had the opportunity to participate in two prestigious expos in Greece focused on Tourism and Hospitality.

Our journey began in Thessaloniki at Philoxenia 2023 International Tourism Expo taking place from 10 to 12 of November, an enduring annual tourism exhibition that has consistently portrayed the ever-evolving landscape of the tourism industry in the country, upholding its reputable brand name throughout the years.

Next stop for Travel2Fit was in Athens to participate at the 100% Hotel Show from 18 to 20 of November, a premier event focused on hospitality and hotel management. This expo provided a unique opportunity to engage with hoteliers, property managers and hospitality industry experts.

These two events provided a channel for showcasing our innovative solutions for tourism and hospitality professionals and additionally, they offered invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and growth.

Highlights from our participation in Philoxenia 2023 International Tourism Expo and 100% Hotel Show:

  • Demonstrating Travel2Fit’s Solutions for Travel Professionals (hoteliers, property managers, tour operators, travel agents, destination managers at municipality/regional level): Our stand within both expos became the spot where we presented our bundle of solutions, including our Proposal & Quoting platform for better managing your offline (direct) booking requests, AI services for forecasting demand and dynamic pricing and our newly developed Destination Management Solutions.
  • Showcasing Travel2Fit’s innovative nature: the EU funded projects. We had the opportunity to disseminate our innovative dimension which is expressed through our participation in collaborative EU-funded projects (Erasmus+ DGI Tourism project, H2020 Reach Incubator) and engage in meaningful connections with stakeholders from training and research organizations.
  • Networking Opportunities. Both expos provided an excellent place for connecting with industry leaders, potential clients and travel-technology providers. This allowed us to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that exist. This will help us in refining our products to meet the unique demands of the tourism and hospitality landscape. Moreover, it opened doors for potential partnerships and synergies.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to meet us during these two prestigious expos in Greece focused on Tourism and Hospitality, or you are still curious on the unique benefits offered by Travel2Fit solutions, please don’t hesitate tou reach out! Book your free demo now!

Images from our presence at Philoxenia 2023 International Tourism Expo


Images from our presence at the 100% Hotel Show