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The new travel lifestyle created by Covid-19

In December 2019 a pneumonia type of disease appeared from an unknown cause in Wuhan, China. Covid-19 pandemic spread to 213 countries and territories, causing major disruptions in the daily life of people and businesses. Many countries decided to impose lockdowns with the aim to prevent further infections resulting in a hard hit for the global tourism industry. It is undoubtedly that Covid-19 has created a new lifestyle for the time being, including for the travel sector.

The first effect that the travel sector has faced is that people try to avoid crowded places and the so-called tourist attractions. Nevertheless, this gave a chance to other destinations for their time to shine. It is noticeable that people prefer to find “secret” or somewhat hidden destinations that are not so popular among tourists. This means that huge attention needs to be given on giving a chance to the secret gems of each place, hence this is more than ever time for explorations!

Even though international travelling was a thing a few months ago, the world seems to abruptly slow down the concept of discovering the world abroad, meaning that it is time to get to know our own countries. Covid-19 gave domestic travel the chance to be prioritized. Domestic traveling is seeing a huge increase in interest among people who have been restricted from traveling abroad. Is there anything more beautiful than spending the summer discovering places that we couldn’t find the time to visit before because we were too busy exploring other countries?

Although traveling abroad saw a decrease, it doesn’t mean that it has stopped, or that people don’t realize that this could be the perfect time to visit places that were too expensive to visit before. Covid-19 has helped for cheaper flights, cheaper hotels, and more impromptu trips to take place. We spend so much time planning our trips that finally the time came for us to plan impromptu trips that might be better because all the stressful planning ahead will be avoided. It might be the best time to be on the lookout for cheaper flights and recently canceled trips, which could mean much cheaper

Probably the best thing Covid-19 did, was to show us how important it is spending time with the family. With the quarantine and other restrictions, people seem to have finally found the time to be with their families, which they also tend to stick to when it comes to traveling and indulging in excursions. It is fun, to say the least, to see families fully reunited to live and travel together after spending years living apart. These will make great stories to tell one day!

Whatever the travel world should be like after the pandemic, we have to look for the silver lining in the cloud. Travel2Fit is here to make travel better by providing the technological tools travel advisors need to adapt to the new circumstances and create trips that can inspire and help travelers create unique experiences again!