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Frequently asked questions

We have gathered the most frequent questions asked to us since we first launched. If you can’t find the answer here, please contact us!


Travel2Fit is a Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software system tailored for the travel industry. CPQ is a sales tool to quickly and accurately generate proposals and quotes. The provided solution empowers travel professionals to automate the lifecycle of the proposal and quoting process and deliver value from the moment a customer supplies his needs.

Travel2Fit targets travel professionals who send (or would like to send) proposals and quotes to their customers and want to differentiate with next-generation digital tools. More specifically, Travel2Fit already provides specialized solutions for hoteliers, property owners and managers, travel agents, tour operators, as well as freelance travel consultants that specialize on tailor-made trips (leisure and corporate).

You can start using Travel2Fit instantly once you have your credentials since it is a cloud-based application.

The Travel2Fit system is in English and Greek. However, proposals and quotes can be generated in various languages including for example French, German, Spanish, and Italian.


Yes! You can tailor a package to suit your requirements.

No, Travel2fit is a subscription-based and commission-free application, without any other extra costs!

You can change your subscription plan, within reason, at any time. Please contact us and we will shortly address it.

Each account is tied to login credentials (username and password) indicating a unique person that is able to use the account. You can absolutely have multiple users working from the same account but not at the same time.

Yes! You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our Customer Support. Please note your subscription will cease at the end of the period you have opted to cancel with the fees still being deducted for that particular period.


The 30-day trial is the best way to see if Travel2Fit is suitable for you and the needs of your travel company.

Travel2Fit can be accessed via our:

  • Cloud platform: Enables non-technical users to enter the platform providing their credentials.
  • Web API: Enables technical users to generate proposals and quotes automatically according to a predefined JSON input.

Travel2Fit has the capacity to integrate with many systems. If you would like us to investigate your current software program for a potential connection, please contact us at any time to discuss.

Yes! From the first subscription tier you can fully customize your logo, as well as the welcome (hero) image and video.

Yes, we have a company setting section that allows you to update your company information anytime.


Travel2Fit offers full access to our knowledgebase and prompt email support with our Customer Support team. We provide full training, ongoing support, and travel consulting services.

If you notice a fault with Travel2Fit or something isn’t working as you expected, please contact our Customer Support team immediately. We will lodge a ticket with our Development team and have the issue addressed.